Getting Up After a Breakdown

My computer and I had a crash at the same time.  Things were too stressful for both.  I missed my friends on the computer, but there were a few days I really didn’t care.  Now, I appreciate the support of so many friends.

As I’m fairly new to writing, I rely on advice from more experienced writers.  When the computer crashed, I had started a platform, such as it was, conversing with writers and bloggers and asking questions.

To get back up has been an individual decision.  Somewhere, I’ve had to find the motivation.  Reading and taking advice from friends who are writers, reading blogs from more experienced bloggers, as well as articles from writing schools and magazines has been helpful.

Most important has been having Faith in God to pull me through.  With His help, I have to eliminate the problems that caused this.  I need some time alone for Bible reading and communing with God.

I’m being encouraged to continue the projects that were started.  They’ve been put on the back burner for now. Mostly, I’m reading and praying.  More tomorrow.

Eyrline Morgan






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