Blog for July 21, 2012

It’s a beautiful day in Oklahoma City, except it’s still hot and dry.  It gets cooler in the evening.  You know it’s hot when my Pekingese, Prissy, would rather sleep than go for a walk.  She is thirteen and has a 4/6 heart murmur.  According to the Vet. she was not suppose to live through five years ago.  She’s still my constant companion.

After my back surgery, she insisted I take her for walks every four hours.  By walking her, I was able to gain my ability to independently walk and  strength.

Once I fell, hitting my ear on the side of a table and cutting it almost in half.  I was knocked unconscious.   She went to the door and barked until someone came to unlock the door and find me.  In the ER that day, a plastic surgeon was on duty.  He was able to sew the ear back on, even getting it to stand up, though the cartilage was broken.

I took Prissy to Therapy Dog training when she was still a pup.  The trainer was doubtful a Pekingese could pass the test.  She had no problems. Her attitude was  friendly and not snippy.  Then she entertained at nursing homes, even winning a “friendliest dog” award.

She loved everyone except for one person.  When just she and I lived in an apartment in a small town, there was someone living above us she didn’t like.  When she would hear him leave his apartment, she would bark until he was out of sight, or she was sure he wasn’t headed our way.  If he went out the back door, she could watch him through the window.  For a little dog, she had a big bark.

When I married, she had no trouble sharing the bed with us, as long as she had her spot.  She’s still perky, but not as energetic as when she was younger.  We’re growing old together.


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