My Three Month Illness

There’s nothing like a three month illness to make someone appreciate God’s beautiful world.  The only time I saw His handiwork outside was when I went to the doctor or hospital, twice in an ambulance. I was up for Christmas, the ground white with snowflakes, the only snow of the year.  I needed a goal to force me to get up, even when I didn’t feel well.  That came in the form of a new (used) organ for the church.  I was determined to be the first to play it.  And, play it, I did, the Sunday before Christmas and the Christmas Eve Service — and every service since then.

This started when I collapsed September 22 and was taken to the ER.  My hemoglobin was 8 instead of 11-12 and I was dehydrated and malnourished.  My legs felt like rubber and it was hard to stand.  I was given two units of blood, fluid by IV, kept overnight and sent home.  Within a week a fever developed and the pneumonia I had before the collapse returned.  After a GI procedure, an ulcer, erosion of the esophagus, and a large hernia was seen.  I also had reflux and dysphasia.  As it turned out, the continued bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia were caused by the reflux and dysphasia, stomach acid and fluid going into my lungs, which were scarred from Whooping Cough when I was a child.  I was too dizzy to walk unassisted and too weak to get out of bed.  With a new medication for reflux, the ulcer healed and the erosion is beginning to get better.  If I can keep that under control, eat a special diet, and get plenty of rest, I was told I would get better and not have chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.  I headed home from the pulmonary Physician with a Nebulizer and medication, and two inhalers for breathing treatments.  

I know all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, and my life has been dedicated to Him, so there had to be a reason for the three month hiatus.  A friend, who kept my precious 13 year old Pekingese, and listened to my complaining, suggested God could be teaching me to have more Faith, and lean on Him.  The Sunday before Christmas, the Music Director gave me a book called, “Quotations on Faith.” I have a long way to go before I’m completely well. My mother, at age 104, and staying with my sister, needs someone to help with her care, my grandson, who lives with us, needs a job, and my husband needs to take better care of his diabetes.  The answer to all this is to have Faith and turn it over to God, following His leading, instead of complaining.  





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